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Cloud Computing Consulting

We help you embrace the power of cloud computing services such as AWS, Google GCP or Microsoft Azure.

Make most of cloud computing

The pace at which businesses embrace cloud technologies is accelerating. Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services are relentlessly creating new services that help developers to create software applications faster, cheaper, with less risk and with instant scalability. Team up with us to decrease time-to-market, lower operational costs and to be prepared for almost limitless market growth.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Our Process

Through years of experience, we came up with a proven software development process that can easily be adjusted to reflect your workflow and company values.


The first and most important step in the software development process is getting to know you, and getting familiar with your ideas, requests and expectations.

We will work with you to convert business requirements into a Product Requirement and Specification Document.

Based on this, our team will decide on the best technical approach to your project and present you with a project timeline for the scope of work, accompanied by an offer.


With the offer accepted, our team will work on creating a UI/UX design in form of an interactive mockup showcasing how all elements will appear in the end product.

We work tirelessly with you to come up with a design that you are happy with, and that will work great on all devices while giving your users and intuitive and friendly interface.


After the approval of the Design phase, our expert engineers will start work on implementing the design, both on the server and client side. Throughout development, you will have constant live access to monitor progress, provide comments and suggestions.

Throughout development, you will have constant live access to monitor progress, provide comments and suggestions.

We create maintainable, extendable and scalable solutions by following industry standards and best practices.

All code that we write is unit and feature tested and deployed to several CI/CD environments.


During and after Development, we do quality assurance and testing to make sure all parts of the application work, look, feel and perform as expected.

We test both manually and using automated testing frameworks.

We will perform feature, unit, integration, security/penetration and scalability testing.


The most exciting part – we go live!

We have experience working with all cloud computing providers, and we will deploy your brand new application for the world to see.

We will monitor the process, ensure the release goes smoothly and eagerly wait to see the traffic come in!


Work never stops and we will be there to support you!

We can handle any future improvements and feature changes, migrations or updates.

Areas of Expertise

We have experience working across multiple business industries. We have outlined some of the recent ones.

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Airline scheduling, crew monitoring and planning, performance calculations – we’ve done it!

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In the past, we have worked with cryptocurrency marketplaces to help them deliver state-of-the-art blockchain solutions.

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Real Estate

We have helped several businesses inside the real estate space deliver products that improve daily workflows of their agents and consumers.