Dedicated Development Teams

Boost your team

Whether you need a self-managed team or an extension to your existing in-house team, partnering with us to build a dedicated software development team for your company is a smart and cost-effective solution. 

  • Western European/Northern American Culture
  • Highly Educated and Skilled Engineers
  • English Proficiency

Expert in outsourcing

By working with us you will achieve significant cost reductions as opposed to application development in Europe/North America.

You can travel to our development centre within a day, and our teams can visit your location within a similar timeframe.

We offer a communication culture that reflects the Western European/Northern American way of working by working proactively, thinking together with the client and putting ourselves in your position: we do not blindly execute what is asked.

We attract high volumes of highly skilled, university educated professionals with various experience, who enjoy working for us and for our clients. Therefore our attrition rates are low, and our proposals can be taken at face value: there are no hidden costs.